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MH16: Time Flies -NGAD- MH16: Time Flies -NGAD-

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Maybe you should rush more songs.. I think it sounds great. Especialy the strings starting 0:55 are great in my opinion. Nice fast paced rhythm. Remembers me of the old days with Super Nintendo.

This song is really great. 9/10 5/5

FairSquare responds:

Haha, i'm glad it sounds great to you, but i could do better :p
Thanks for the review! :-)

River Flows in you ( Cover ) River Flows in you ( Cover )

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yiruma would be proud

Ah, river flows in you, one of my favourites of yiruma, next to kiss the rain. Did you played it by yourself on keyboard? You made some really "crashy" mistakes, like 0:18. Would be great if you fix this. And I think you played the beginning until 0:14 too fast. It kills this "dreamy feeling" of the song. Try to play it a little bit slower.

I think the strings, the bass and the drums match great with the song. I like especialy the part starting 2:16 - the drum sounds really good. Why a fade out?

But still, its a good cover version, I like it.

Marble Zone - Orchestrated Marble Zone - Orchestrated

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

VST Plugins killed the maestro...

First, I love japanese music, especialy classical arrangements. I don't know if you played the song on your own, but it sounds for me like you used a midi file and simply added plugins to the tracks.

And I have to say, the quality of the instruments isn't very good. I like the piano, but the clarinet and the strings are sounding very similar to the original sound of a midi file, means - not very realistic.

But since it's composed by a japanese musician and I like the melody, I give you 5 stars.

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DigitalDuck responds:

That's fair enough. I started with a MIDI, but changed instruments, velocities, arranged everything in different parts, and did quite a few things in Mixcraft. I do have more realistic sounding strings, but after trying various arrangements, I couldn't get them to sound good. Still, thanks for the review!